Tucson Gem Show 2014

tucson gem show 2014

Stunning Pink Tourmaline Crystal from Pakistan

Stunning Pink Tourmaline Crystal from Pakistan, a bargain at $5,000.

I’ve been a rock hound since I was a kid, when I spent my Saturdays running around the Washington, DC mall. I knew every exhibit in every museum by heart, and the Gems and Minerals exhibit in the Museum of Natural History was my favorite. I’d spend hours in the exhibit, and hours in the museum shop where I’d stick my hands deep into the barrels of polished stones.

One of the first things I did after moving to Phoenix in January 2006 was to head down to the world-class Tucson gem show. The full show is an amalgamation of shows staged in dozens of hotels and warehouses all over Tucson. That first year I went down four separate days, walked all day each day, and still did not get to every show in Tucson. It didn’t take long to adopt “the forklift rule”, meaning that if it takes a forklift to move it, I’m not allowed to buy it.

These are some of the pieces at this year’s show that would violate my forklift rule.

Cathedral Amythest
11-Foot Tall Cathedral Amethyst
3-Foot Wide Cathedral Citrine
Floor-to-Ceiling Quartz Crystals
Amethyst Crystal Cluster
Smokey Quartz Cluster
Cathedral Amythests
8-Foot Tall Cathedral Amethysts

I also developed the “take cash only” rule. The checkbook and credit cards get left at home just to help make sure I don’t exceed by spending budget.

Tables of Lapis Lazuli
Beautiful Tourmaline Crystals
Topaz Crystals from Brazil
Tables of Malachite
Beautiful Labradorite
3-Foot Tall Agate Light Box, just $290
Tiger Eye Box,
$1,500 Wholesale
Opal Necklaces
Pakistani-CoatAntique Pakistani Coat, $350

This year’s crowd seemed significantly smaller than those in previous years. Maybe it was because of the overcast day, or maybe the global economy is taking its toll. I’m glad I was able to go this year and grow my private rock collection just a little.

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