Trust Me, I’m Lying

Kiss any thread of trust in main stream media you may still have good-bye. In Trust Me, I’m Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator media strategist Ryan Holiday details how everything you see, hear, and read in the media is manipulated by someone at some level with an agenda. It details the how money and political influence has degenerated integral journalism into a blog-driven stream of recklessness lies that no one bothers to fact-check. This includes outright making stuff up.

In Trust Me, I’m Lying, Holiday uses real life examples to tell readers how to manipulate the page-view-centric corrupt news portals to get them to report whatever you want, whether it’s to boost sales or destroy someone’s career. He then fundamentally rants about our debased main stream media system that has abandoned integral journalism for anything that makes readers emotionally charged.

In the end, Holiday doesn’t have much hope that main stream media will abandon its unquenchable thirst for page views, and even points out that advertisers are being duped with automatic page refreshes that count as new page views. He says that media outlets “value the wrong metrics and the wrong revenue stream… [and] follow short-term and short-sighted incentives” fueled by reader “delegated trust and deferred responsibility”.

Is there hope for American main stream media? I am probably more pessimistic than Holiday. Five out of five stars.

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