Decisions, Decisons

decisions, decisions

The surprise cancer diagnosis, and the mortifying realization of how I gave myself cancer had me reeling until the practical realities set in. What are all of the treatment options? What is the best treatment? What would or wouldn’t my sham of a health insurance policy cover? How much cash would I need upfront and how much debt would I add? Who do I tell, when do I tell them, and what do I say?

How I Gave Myself Cancer

cookies on a tray

During that fateful September phone call in which my doctor stunned me with the surprise cancer diagnosis, he mentioned that PET scans illuminate cancer cells by using radioactive glucose. This is because cancer cells consume sugar at 19 times the rate of normal cells. That’s when I knew exactly how I had given myself colon cancer.

My First Love

my first love

Do you ever forget your first love, the first we experience when our hearts are still innocent? When we fall in love for the first time, we experience a new depth of caring that is more complex and more compelling. Our first love leaves a lasting imprint on who we are.

Bite the Big Apple

In the early 1990s my job required met to travel from Washington, D.C. to New York City every two weeks for team meetings. I had co-workers that wished they could go as often so they could have a leisurely dinner and maybe take in a show, stay in a company-paid hotel overnight, then fly home the next morning. That wasn’t my life.