McDowell Mountain Preserve

McDowell Mountain Preserve Hike

The McDowell Sonoran Preserve, about 20 miles north east of Phoenix, is the largest urban preserve in the United States. It contains roughly 30,000 acres of the Sonoran Desert and the majority of the McDowell Mountains. The Preserve has lots of trails with varying degrees of difficulty. This morning I hiked the Gateway Loop, a 4.5 mile trail considered moderately difficult with an elevation gain of 650 feet.

Decisions, Decisons

decisions, decisions

The surprise cancer diagnosis, and the mortifying realization of how I gave myself cancer had me reeling until the practical realities set in. What are all of the treatment options? What is the best treatment? What would or wouldn’t my sham of a health insurance policy cover? How much cash would I need upfront and how much debt would I add? Who do I tell, when do I tell them, and what do I say?